The Corporate Collection Program enables you to exhibit and gradually build a collection of original fine art in your work spaces while investing in the cultural arts of the region.

Selecting work to install and purchase

  • You or your employees can select the work that will go into the workspace.
  • We are happy to work with your architect, designer or decorator to select work that best fits your environment.
  • We can provide you with a professional curator who will make purchase recommendations.
  • You can let your customers vote for their favorite works.

Art Seed loans and installs art for a business for one year with the agreement that a final purchase will be made at the end of the year’s contract.

We will also work with you to arrange an artist reception for your clients. The artist will give a brief talk; this provides you with an opportunity to interact with your clients on a direct level.


Whatever direction you take in selecting work, you can be confident you are developing a valuable collection and supporting the quality of life in your community.