Corporate Programs

• A reputation of arts support that encourages artists to live and work in your community

• Encourage the community to value the arts

• Inspire our communities to embrace the arts as a quality of life issue

• Embolden our businesses to realize the potential of arts as a valuable economic component in our community

Corporate Collection Program
The Corporate Collection Program enables you to exhibit and gradually build a collection of original fine art in your workspaces while investing in the cultural arts of the region.

Selecting work to install and purchase
• You or your employees can select the work that will go into the workspace.
• We are happy to work with your architect, designer or decorator to select work that best fits your environment.
• We can provide you with a professional curator who will make purchase recommendations.
• You can let your customers vote for their favorite works.

Art Seed loans and installs art for a business for one year with the agreement that a final purchase will be made at the end of the year’s contract.

We will also work with you to arrange an artist reception for your clients. The artist will give a brief talk; this provides you with an opportunity to interact with your clients on a direct level.

Whatever direction you take in selecting work, you can be confident you are developing a valuable collection and supporting the quality of life in your community.

Corporate Events Program​
The Corporate events program provides the opportunity for you to create a unique experience for you and your employees.

Events can be designed for companies with as few as five employees to large firms with thousands.

Artisan Picnic – blacksmiths, sculptors, weavers, stone carvers, clay and wood artists, musicians and dancers will engage   your employees with hands on activities.
Studio Tours – employees will be taken on private tours of regional artists studios.
Concert Series – monthly concerts, on or off site, in selected genres.
Dance Series – participate in/at various dance forms and events.

Corporate Educational Programs

Art Seed has designed several programs to make your charitable, giving Fun, Convenient and Meaningful.

This program gives participants the opportunity to provide art experiences to their choice of schools, groups, or organizations

• Artist in residence program
• Internship program
• Art exhibits
• Music Programs
• Public Sculpture Program
• Art Awards

Corporate Engagement Program

These programs are designed to engage you and your employees with the arts and your community.

Employees will actively collaborate with artists, schools, organizations, or selected groups or communities to create projects that benefit the community.

• Little Free Library
• Monarch garden
• Green projects
• Art education event
• Charitable Fundraiser

The ArtSeed Payroll Deduction Program

For thousands of employees locally and nationwide the advent summer means festivals and as fall approaches the changing of leaves, cooler temperatures, and the arrival of charitable fundraising campaigns in the workplace.

Art seed offers the unique opportunity for your employees, company, or organization to provide funding for arts programs in their community.

Employees will have the option to select a program to support with their deduction.

You and your company can select to provide an art experience for:

Schools — Elementary through College

Community Groups — Boy and Girl Scouts, Boys and Girls Clubs

• Organizations — YMCA, St. Elizabeth’s, Youth Shelters, Parks Departments

Contributing a little each month through payroll deduction adds up to big benefits for the arts, children, and your community.

Your giving will make a difference.
What you give back to this world will be your legacy.