Internship Program

ArtSeed offers two internship programs. ArtSeed Middle/High School Internship Program and Art Seed College Level Internship Program. Interns will learn how to execute and curate community events and art exhibits, collaborate to create community projects, write proposals, grants, press releases, and budgets. They will learn to interact with the public, media and social media. All of the skill set learned in the internship will apply to practical survivial skills as a artist, business owner and/or, in the corporate world.

Art Seed High School Internship Program
The internship is open to middle and high school students. Students will be given the opportunity to earn service hours for school in a real work environment.

Art Seed College Level Internship Program
The internship is open to current college students. Art Seed will work with you and your university to provide programming that earns college credit.

Intern learning experiences
• curate and install exhibits
• Create and implement events
• Research and write grants
• Marketing and project design
• social media and website creation and marketing.
• Develop a network of contacts
• Develop collaborative and team skills
• assist with various side projects.

This program exposes students to a creative working environment with a strong business foundation. The Art Seed internship program provides students with the opportunity to futher their skill set in and environment that will benefit their future career and community.

Current High School Interns

• Gracie Kolesters –
• Kylie –
• Benjamin –

Current College Interns

• Ashley Miles- Indiana University Southeast