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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Services

Art Seed offers several different social media services for businesses and organizations. Are you too busy at work to manage the business social media pages? Do you not know how to use or create certain social media pages? Then consider our services and help your business and our business grow together.

Creation of Media Pages

We can create media pages for:
• Facebook
• Twitter
• Instagram
• Snap Chat
Snap Chat: $50.00 set up fee
Twitter: $ 100.00 set up fee
Facebook: $100.00- $200.00 set up fee (varies upon request)
Instagram: $100.00 set up fee
Media Set up Bundle (All Four): $ 350.00 – Will not vary upon request.

Maintaining Media Pages

After creating your media page, we can:
• create a simple media logo
• create hashtags for the page
• add friends to the page
• add updates
• respond to clients
• manage followers/friends
• create events
• Art Seed can also accept special request, but prices may change upon request
Instagram: 2-3 posts a day $15.00
Facebook: 2-4 posts a day $25.00
Twitter: 2-4 posts a day $25.00
Posting / Sharing Business Events
Art Seed will allow businesses and organizations to promote their upcoming event on our website community blog and our social media sites.
Community Blog: $25 to promote an event on our blog
Promoting a business event on all our media sites: $55.00

Creation of Multiple Hashtags

Art Seed can create Hashtags for your business upcoming party or event.
3 hashtags for one event: $15.00 to create
To promote hashtags on Art Seed’s website and media $35.00
To promote hashtags on business social media: $20.00