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Susan Pierce

Susan (Susie) Pierce began painting at a very early age, even before she entered first grade. She took art classes through the twelfth grade at her public schools.

Always drawn to art making, she especially gravitated toward landscapes. She was inspired by Bob Ross’s educational videos but has developed her own primitive style. Even though she is inspired by many artists, Susie marches to her own beat.

She creates her work in an effort to bring happiness to the viewer by bringing her sense of wonder for the natural world. A recent trip to Arizona inspired several of her new pieces.

Her medium of choice is oil on canvas, but she also works with acrylic paints.

Now that her two sons are adults, she has more time to paint. She creates her works accompanied by her dog, Chico, who reminds her when she needs to take breaks.


Featured Work

Peaceful Spot

Oil on Canvas

Flowers by the Lake

Oil on Canvas

Spring by the Stream

Oil on Canvas


Oil on Canvas


Mountain Road

Oil on Canvas

Untitled 1

Oil on Canvas


1931 East Spring Street
New Albany, IN 47150
(502) 649-3320

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